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Australia offers a highly practical environment for international students to attain skills and qualifications in any of the related areas in the discipline of Engineering faculty. These include, among many others, Software, Spatial, Civil/Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Aerospace and Aeronautical, Applied Physics, Architectural, and Surveying and Environmental Engineering courses, from Technical And Further Education (TAFE) programs to university degrees and numerous postgraduate opportunities.

The courses include both classroom study and practical fieldwork and all are appropriately accredited and recognised for membership of organisations such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Courses can range between two and four years, along with ongoing postgraduate research options.

Topics covered in the course include:

  • Management of Technology
  • Risk Management and Feasibility
  • Planning and Control
  • International Engineering Management
  • Project Management

Career opportunities for graduates are varied, depending on the specific course taken. For instance, Environmental or Surveying graduates may have opportunities within conservation/sustainability foundations or urban planning. Software/Computer Systems graduates can find opportunities throughout the Information Technology sector, and Logistics Management may be employable in a wide variety of roles for many potential employers. There are many opportunties to participate in practical applications of engineering theory during study, and this gives all graduates a solid grounding for them to apply what they have learned.

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